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An innovation strategy is only successful when set in motion

We help businesses accelerate implementation

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Let's get moving. Efficient, informed execution is the key to ROI. Leverage our proven tools and processes to streamline and accelerate your project roadmap.

  • Phase / Stage Gate

  • Minimum Viable Product

  • Innovate faster with early customer feedback

  • Maximize Return on Innovation (ROII) and Product Vitality


Phase / Stage Gate

Phase-gate is probably the most common methodology for product development, but it can easily become a hindrance to rapid innovation. We know what it takes to install a successful process and how to leverage it to your advantage.


Minimum Viable Product

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is used to gain early customer feedback. We can help you define and execute an MVP with resources and tools to help design and prototype your concepts.


Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is so critically important during the fuzzy front end of product development, but it can also be used throughout a project to avoid launching and obsolete product. Engage your lead users throughout development using iterative concepts and prototypes.


ROII and PVI Tools

Return on Innovation Investment (ROII) and New Product Vitality Index are two ways to measure the success of your technology strategy. We can help you develop and optimize these metrics.

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