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Powerful innovation strategy development backed by experience and proven success

Mighty yet nimble, Catalytic Consulting is a team of industrial innovation experts who can jump in and add value to your strategy and roadmap immediately. We help you not only hunt for competitive advantage but also integrate it into your business effectively, quickly and with scalability.

We are experienced in leading large, multinational R&D organizations, bringing new products to market in startup organizations and building and validating rapid prototypes. Launched in 2020 and incorporated in 2021, Catalytic Consulting has guided R&D teams through installing innovation processes, streamlining activities, and getting their entire organization aligned regarding their goals.

We have degrees in:

  • Business

  • Project Management

  • Engineering, ME/ChE

Our specialties include:

  • Technology strategy

  • Intellectual Property

  • Product management
    (PDMA certified)

Joe Gifford
President, Principal Consultant

Joe Gifford is an innovation strategy consultant with 28 years of experience in senior roles in engineering management and research and development with major manufacturing and technology companies. Along with an extensive education that includes degrees and coursework in engineering, business management, and technology strategy, Joe possesses a powerful skillset that offers R&D departments the leadership, business acumen, cross-functional team building and product development proficiency they need to move to the next level.

Joe has a track record of delivering innovative products, technologies and projects that drive business growth and profitability. He has worked with companies to build strong international technical organizations and leverage cross-cultural collaboration to drive innovation and execution of technology strategies. With a passion for developing new products and technologies, he has launched numerous new product offerings in his career and holds 18 U.S. patents. He enjoys working with passionate people, teaching others and building teams to do the same.

Joe Gifford
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