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Why Work With Us?

R&D strategy experience, resources and leadership

Our Approach

Working with you for the first time, we will listen to your team explain the challenges they are having and what they think the organization needs. We then spend time with each functional team member to complete a diagnostic and suggest a project scope.

Our Process

After initial discussions with your company and R&D leadership, we spend time with each of the relevant departments (R&D, Product Management, Commercial, Production, Finance, and Marketing) to get everyone to collaborate on developing the innovation process. Because the most successful innovation is achieved with cross-functional involvement, it’s imperative to bring these teams together and get them all aligned toward common goals.

Meeting with your teams either face-to-face or via Zoom meetings, we ask questions that will help us best understand your current process, inquiring about what’s working and what’s not.  Once we have captured input from all the teams, we propose a new or modified process and obtain feedback before finalizing and rolling it out to the teams, training, etc.


We leverage your expertise, customer-facing employees, and sometimes your customers to develop new product or R&D ideas with you rather than simply propose grand ideas. We devote more attention to how to select and execute on those opportunities, accelerating time to market.

Why work with Catalytic Consulting?

  • Our combination of experience, education, engineering expertise, business savvy and industry knowledge. 

  • Our background working in engineering and R&D and in leadership roles at both large and small/startup organizations.

  • Our multidisciplinary knowledge (engineering, finance, business, and IP), which helps both large and small companies with gaining a market advantage with their product/technology innovation.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch to schedule a consultation.

(508) 203-1776

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