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An effective innovation strategy is the basis of a successful business

We help businesses accelerate Return on Innovation Investment

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Identify or maintain your competitive position within the market. Understand how and where to invest in innovation and align a targeted, cross-functional strategy throughout your organization. We also help you find technology white spaces that complement your vision and your portfolio.

We guide you through your innovation strategy development in four key areas:

  • Strategy development and alignment

  • Ideation through technology and market research

  • Product / Market fit validation

  • Value proposition development


Strategy Development

For your strategy to be successful, it has to be cross functional and aligned throughout the entire organization. We believe in an iterative process, defining focus markets and technologies and adjusting to target the best opportunities.



Innovative ideas can come from many places both inside and outside of your organization. We help you find new opportunities and quickly evaluate them through technology and market research.


Product / Market Fit

Is that new product idea really a good fit for your target market? How would you know? We validate market fit by assessing the state of your technology against competitors and market trends.


Value Proposition

What value does your product offer to your customers? Is the value of your product better than the alternatives? We help you quantify your product's benefit-to-customer.

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