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Validate your strategy. Avoid empty patent reviews by patent lawyers unless absolutely necessary. Instead, get the full picture and impact and forward recommendations from technology experts who understand the landscape and can guide you through the process.

We assist you with your technology reviews by conducting the following:

  • Patent research and mining

  • Technology / Competitor landscape

  • Patsnap Connective Innovation Intelligence (CII) collection


Patent Reviews

We work with your technologists to review relevant intellectual property and help you make informed decisions about protecting your own IP. We can work with your team or we can help you obtain and interpret third-party Freedom to Operate, Prior Art or Patentability searches.


Competitive Landscape

We review the competitive technologies in your space, analyzing technology trends and key players to help you find the white spaces in the market.


Patsnap Software

Our team leverages this innovation intelligence platform that enables the quick extraction of key themes, information analyses, idea validation, risk mitigation, and opportunities.

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