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A focus on every stage of innovation strategy
and product development

We work with early-stage startups and established small to medium-sized companies to help their R&D departments accelerate innovation/product development and reduce time-to-market by providing them with the tools, actionable solutions and strategic thinking to achieve their business goals.


Catalytic Consulting provides strategic services to clients in five main areas:

We guide you through refining your company’s innovation strategy by ensuring it is aligned with your company strategy and goals. We review project portfolios, resources, and innovation processes, defining the value of your innovation, building new skills around ideation, evaluating product/market fit, and reviewing value propositions for your product offerings.

We offer resources to help you achieve your innovation goals. If there are any gaps in R&D coaching, project management training or assistance, or engineering services, we help fill them to make sure your efforts are successful.

Using a sophisticated software called Patsnap, we provide you with an understanding of the patent landscape (versus competitors) and mine prior art for solutions to accelerate your innovation efforts.

We provide cost-reduction consulting and assistance to enable you to free up capital to invest in your R&D and accelerate your innovation.

Once a strategy is established and your teams have built your Roadmaps of project portfolios over time, we assist you with the process and tools to execute those Roadmaps on time and on budget.

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