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Define, execute and accelerate innovation strategies and projects on your roadmap

Strategic guidance for your product development

Catalytic Consulting works with all businesses looking to improve their innovation, from early-stage startups to small and medium-sized established companies. Collaborating with clients’ leadership and R&D teams, we assist with developing a product or technology innovation strategy that will accelerate time to market, drive business growth and profitability, and achieve technology/product leadership.

Are you looking to accelerate your product development and reduce time-to-market?

Our clients are typically manufacturing businesses that have struggled with innovation, specifically issues with strategy or process, and need an experienced, third-party perspective to help improve the organization’s performance. Our clients can be located anywhere, as we have experience working with teams based around the world, including Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

Are you ready to uplevel your team's ability to innovate?

The primary goal of the companies we work with is to optimize or improve the value of their innovation activities. They may not have an aligned strategy, budget, well-run project management and execution, or proper staffing, and their organization is over-committed and spread too thin. It’s imperative they streamline their project portfolios to make sure they get the most value from the investment in the face of economic challenges.

We help clients with:
  • Serving as a high-level head of R&D or Engineering. We have the experience and skillset to handle everything from team building to innovation strategy, intellectual property strategy, project management, and financial modeling and controlling.

  • Providing expertise in product development and bringing concepts to life, which results from our background in multiple industries and disciplines (chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering).

Our service areas include innovation strategy, technology reviews, roadmap deployment, resource acceleration, and cost reduction.

Positive impact to your bottom line

By working with Catalytic Consulting to develop a streamlined, well-aligned strategy, you improve the value of your innovation investments, achieve a faster time to market, and deliver more impactful products, ultimately experiencing profitable business growth. Even after our engagement ends, you will see further improvements as you continue using the tools we provide.


What we do 

What we don't do 

Resources when you need them
Deploy projects independently or with your teams
Break the bank
Get an experienced consultant for the price of a contractor
Proven tools and processes
Proven tools to eliminate time waste and drive results quickly
All talk, no action
We deliver tangible results with next step recommendations
Accelerate project work
Realize competitive advantage and ROI faster
Add zero value
35+ combined years research & development and innovation


Hear what our customers are saying about our work


Catalytic Consulting helped us develop and validate the value proposition for our cutting edge technology. This included deep research into the patent landscape as well as customer and partner engagement. Their work has been a critical contribution to our early-stage fundraising efforts.

Founder, CEO SiTration - an MIT Startup

Joe lead our team through applicable processes resulting in tools that were based on general principles but tailored to our needs. Training a team of initially reluctant users in a way that made them enthusiastic about the system was another welcomed benefit.

CEO, Applied Biomimetic

When we lost our technical lead in the middle of a very large project, Joe was able to quickly step in and  fill the gap helping with technical guidance as well as project management and team leadership.  We look forward to continuing to partner with Catalytic Consulting for the foreseeable future.

CEO, Critical Materials Corporation

Black on Transparent.webp

We originally engaged Catalytic Consulting to help with the design and prototyping of a new product.  We ended up using them on several design projects and they supported us during scaleup, working with our vendors. They also consulted on our product innovation process. I would highly recommend them for all your product innovation needs.

COO, Early-Stage Membrane Company


Joe Gifford

about your project


...or call us: +1 508 203 1776

Joe Gifford

President, Principal Consultant

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