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Innovation isn't a one-size-fits-all

Updated: Jun 14

Across the U.S., the pace and impact of innovation weave a complex, uneven tapestry. While Silicon Valley and Boston blaze trails 🔥, other regions play catch-up 🚲. But here’s the twist: This disparity is not a dead end 🚫; it's a starting line 🏁.

Imagine the untapped potential in these quieter corners of our country. Regions ripe for growth, brimming with untold opportunities for businesses willing to invest in the innovation deserts. The promise of bringing cutting-edge technology 🖥️ and fresh ideas 💡 to these areas is not just optimistic—it's a blueprint for nationwide prosperity 💼. 

By embracing the uneven landscape of U.S. innovation, we unlock new markets 🔐, create job opportunities 💼, and foster a more inclusive economy 💱. It's about turning the spotlight from the usual suspects to the hidden gems 💎. 

Ready to be at the forefront of the next wave of U.S. innovation? Let's discuss how your business can contribute to and benefit from this untapped potential. The future doesn't wait, and neither should we ⏳.

So why should you care if you're not a CEO or business owner? Because wage growth was higher for all workers, college-degreed or not, in these high-innovation areas. For more on this topic see article linked in comments. Join the conversation on LinkedIn.

Oh .. and Happy Mother's day to all who celebrate! 😉 

graph of concentration of patent filings by urban area
graph of share of patents filed by top 10 urban areas

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