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New Employee: Abishek Arumugam Navukkarasan, Electromechanical Engineer

We are excited to announce that Abishek Arumugam Navukkarasan ("Abi") has joined us as an Electromechanical Engineer.  Abi has a Master's of Science in Mechanical Engineering and an Engineering Innovation Certificate from the University of Florida (Go Gators!).

Abi has experience in #robotics 🤖 , #rockets 🚀 , #IoT devices ☁ ,#ev electric vehicle charging 🔌🚗 , #3Dprinting 🖨 , #hyperloops ➿ , and #machining 🍴.

Abi spends his spare time riding motorcycles, doing astrophotography and DXing on Ham Radios. He hopes to design and build complex aerospace and robotics systems to help humans transcend into a multi-planetary species and eventually hitchhike a ride to Mars!

He is passionate about helping our clients accelerate #innovation through excellence in #engineering.

Congratulate him on LinkedIn!

picture of Abi as new employee at Catalytic Consulting

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