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Student Pitch Competition at WPI

Unlocking the entrepreneurial spirit in students is key 🔑 to fostering innovation and business growth. By teaching entrepreneurship and providing platforms like student pitch competitions, we empower the next generation of leaders to think outside the box and turn their ideas into reality. Are you ready to inspire and support the future trailblazers in your industry? Get involved today and be a part of shaping tomorrow's success stories. 

Last week I once again had the privilege to judge a student pitch competition at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Thank you to Barbara Finer for the invitation. It was so much fun!

Great to collaborate with fellow judges Zachary Dutton with the Venture Forum and Sanuska Poudel from WPI.

By the way the students were all underclassmen, but they were very well prepared with market research, capital requirements, and business plans. Very impressed by their efforts.

Congrats to the winners Quick Est with an innovative way for services companies to make estimates virtually.

Check this post out on LinkedIn.

picture of Joe Gifford at WPI student pitch competition

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