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2024 Summer Industry Insights Virtual Roundtable

Updated: Jun 14

Leveraging coop students isn't just for large, established businesses🏢. Find out how small🔍 and early-stage companies (and companies outside the major metro areas) can benefit from a coop relationship🤝.

Benefits to employers👩‍💼:

🎓Interdisciplinary, motivated student employees

💰Flexible, lower-cost talent pool

👥Talent pipeline for entry-level roles

🤝Dedicated support from schools

Benefits to Students📚:

💼Paid, in-depth work experience

🛠️Gain in-demand skills

🌐Build professional network

Join us tomorrow, June 12 at 12 PM EDT to learn more. Last chance to register for this virtual roundtable ..⏰

Why should you attend?

🕐 Learn about resources 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓 available to businesses inside and outside of the major cities 🌃 🛣 

🕑 Discuss your needs in the areas of engineering🔧, business📈, finance💰, and computer science💻

🕒 Hear about experiences from current Northeastern coop partners

🕓 Discuss the talent needs and challenges of small, early companies

This event has already happened and was a great success! View a small snippet from the event below.

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